Saturday, August 12, 2017

Habana 3AM

Many of you have followed me over the years know that I am also a milliner who has made hats for three decades here in San Diego.  The exciting news this year is that I had 9 hats in the Fashion Film ”Habana 3AM”.  A portion of the film was even filmed at my home.  This was an amazing Alice & Wonderland Fashion Film written by Antonio Contreras and Patricia Ovando.  The film received 9 nominations and PK Bijoux was awarded Best Jewelry.  PK Walters is the artist behind the brand.  She makes one-of-a-kind creations that are adorned with antique jewelry pieces and they all are pieces of art.

Max Vogue is the hero of “Habana 3AM”.  Using his incredible artwork, Antonio Contreras created a comic strip about the adventure of this Fashion Hero who visits fashion icons throughout time.  Max Vogue was played at the festival and you will see more from this talented artist in the future.  In addition the Bokeh South Africa International Fashion Film Festival has accepted “Habana 3AM”.  There will be a special presentation on August 17 to launch the 2018 Festival in South Africa and the gowns by Hendrik Vermeulen from our film will be on display.

If you missed this phenomenal festival you can go to their website ( and click on IFFA Winners 2017.  This will give you the opportunity to watch all the winning films of this extraordinary short fashion film festival.

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